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The Manukau Smilecare difference

One of three dental practices previously known as Mighty Mouth Dental, Manukau Smilecare has been serving the community since 2001.
In 1996 Mighty Mouth was set up to provide an extensive range of oral health services to pre-schoolers and adolescents in South Auckland. Prior to the launch of Mighty Mouth Dental, the then directors Dr John Falkiner and Dr George Laing provided dental care for 35 years from their own private dental practices to families across South Auckland.

In 2007 Mighty Mouth Dental expanded its services to formally include adult care at practices in Manukau and Mangere. In 2015 the Mighty Mouth group of clinics was bought by Dr Scott Waghorn, and was later rebranded Smilecare.

You’ll find this practice on Bakerfield Place at the intersection of McDonald’s and Manukau Hyundai, just a five-minute walk from Manukau Shopping Centre. Dr. Joel Liew leads a dedicated team operating five dental surgeries and a state-of-the-art dental lab. Upstairs is our call centre and services team, who support all our Smilecare practices.